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9 Best Cooling Vests

Cooling vests have gain popularity recently and these are the vests that can be used by anyone regardless of the age. Especially if you are the one who gets easily irritated by the summer heat then a cooling vest is some thing that you need. With so many similar products available in the market we have shortlisted 9 of the best cooling vest you can get for yourself.

TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest:

This is one of the leading and top cooling vest available in the market right now. It is known for extreme cooling and it is specifically designed for comfortability. It offers 2-3 hours of cooling and it is because of its quality and durable material. The vest is easily washable as well.

 TechKewl Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest:

Second in the list is another TechKewl product specifically designed for athletes. Its evaporative cooling technology combines with phase change cooling packs makes it a vest that you will not need to let go. It contains mesh side panels for ventilation and removable phase change cooling packs.

Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest:

Those who are looking for a light weight cooling vest can consider Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest as it only weighs 5 lbs. This is an adjustable cooling vest that makes it best option for the runners. You can recharge the vest within 20 minutes and its phase change, non toxic cooling packs are definitely the features that you don’t want to miss.

The Coldest Ice Pack:

Although it is not recommended for athletes but it is one of the best cooling vest available in the market. The vest is not only designed for the back only but it can be used on other body parts as well. This is simply because of its flexible design that molds to the body comfort. The vest only takes two hours to refreeze.

The Ice Vest | FlexiFreeze:

This special vest has special internal lining filled 96 ice packets in total. However, the number of ice cubes can be adjusted. This is another vest that is best when it comes to keeping the body cool however it cannot be used by the athletes as it can be ripped very easily.

Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest:

Glacier Tek has introduced some of the best products in the market and Sports cool vest is one of them. This is a light weight vest with adjustable side straps and heavy duty front zippers. The consumers of the vest have reviewed the product very positively and that is why we have added the vest in the list of best cooling vests.

Kool Max Zipper Front Vest:

Made up of 100 percent cotton twill, this cooling vest protects the skin from the heat with an insulated outer composite fabric. Although the design of the vest is not very attractive but the touch and feel is overwhelming.

AllTuff USA Self Charging Cooling Vest:

Simple in design, this phase changing cooling vest is very easy to freeze. The vest can be recharged multiple times because of its three types of inserts that have the different recharging temperature for different uses. With its adjustable waist strap, the vest can remain very secure on the body.

Summer Cooling Sport Vest:

Specifically designed for athletes and swimmers, the vest is made up of shammy cloth. It is absorbent and soft which makes it extremely light weight. Because it’s not as bulky as other vests in the market, it can be an ideal vest for the travelers as well.

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