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15 Safesound Personal Alarms

This safesound personal alarm guide will help you choose the best option for you and understand why such a device is needed and how it operates. We have analyzed different situations where a personal alarm may be required and described them in the guide. We have reviewed 15 best personal alarms available on market.

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

3 Best Personal Alarms

Why You Should Have A Personal Alarm

Anyone who may be worried about his or her personal safety — and in a real-world situation this concerns almost all of us — should obtain a personal alarm device. It is designed to be carried and used for alerting surrounding people once you are in danger.

According to statistics, “Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, every 8 minutes, that victim is a child. Meanwhile, only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison”. This is something we should keep in mind when going outdoors. This data is provided by RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), which is the US largest anti-sexual violence organization.

Unfortunately, the police cannot be omnipresent and there are always places where people are not safe. That is why all sorts of NGOs are established to help people protect themselves, like that set up in honor of a girl student Morgan Dana Harrington, who was abducted, raped and violently murdered.

The organization Help Save The Next Girl has offered a huge list of tips on how to keep yourself safe. Keep your phone fully charged when you are out, don’t look down your phone when alone and never post on social media where you are going. These are few of the useful recommendations but the priority should be carrying personal alarms.

Alumnae Association of Smith College published an article calling on students to use such devices. A personal alarm can attract help when you want it most and might even thwart attackers until they have an opportunity to cause harm,” it says. Personal alarms will be indispensable for elderly or sick people to notify relatives or neighbors in an emergency medical circumstance.

What Is A Safesound Personal Alarm?

A personal alarm is an electronic device designed to emit an extremely loud sound resembling a siren. It is always small in size and handheld as it is intended to be carried on a regular basis.

The main purpose of the personal alarm system is attracting attention or scaring off or disorienting a perpetrator. Keep in mind that it is decibels that indicate the volume of the sounds. The loudest personal safety alarms have up to 150 decibels. Some products have an additional feature of the torch, helping to find your way home at night or see an attacker.

The device should be kept where is easily accessible since time is what really matters when a person is in an emergency situation. The unit should be attached to a belt or carried in a pocket or purse. But be sure you can grasp it quickly rather than rifle through the bag, losing precious time.

How Does It Work?

It is activated by pressing the button or pulling the pin, which results in setting the siren off. The main idea is the simplicity of operation. Sometimes, the devices not just emits a loud sound but also flashes the light. Turn off the alarm by inserting the pin back into the unit.

The sound duration varies depending on the product model, lasting up to half an hour. Since these are hand-held devices, they run on batteries, which should be replaced from times to time. Don’t forget to test the alarm to make sure it works well and the batteries haven’t run down.

5 Rules to Choose the Best Personal Alarm

What should you take into account when choosing a personal safety alarm? There is a number of factors influencing the product’s efficiency and its capability to save your life.

Rule #1. First, it should be easy-to-use, which means it is portable and small enough to fit in the pocket.

Rule #2. Secondly, take into account decibels determining the volume of sound. As we have mentioned above, the best personal alarms should emit the sound of 130 dB and more.

Just to illustrate, this is equal to the noise of a passing ambulance or music at a rock concert. Ear pain begins at 125 dB, therefore, this is the level where you can affect the attacker physically causing a sudden ear pain. You will feel the pain as well but since the piercing sound will not take you by surprise, psychologically it will not disorient you as it is likely to be the case with the attacker.

Rule #3. There are two ways of activating — by pressing a button or by pulling the pin. If you prefer holding the device in the hand, pressing the button will be the fastest way to activate it. But if you attach it to the clothing or keep it in the purse, pulling the pin is preferrable.

Rule #4. In case the device is carried by elderly people, the second option is the best bet since they often experience difficulties in groping for the button.

Rule #5. Another feature crucial for the device’s effectiveness is how quickly it can be activated. When handling some products, the users may find problems with taking off the cap or unlocking them. The proper one should be easily used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability.

How Personal Alarm Saves Human Lives

As a rule, it is used as a crime deterrent and for good reason. The thing is that criminals avoid any attention as they are afraid of being recognized or that the police will arrive on the scene. Also, they rely on the element of surprise and choose the victim among vulnerable people.

That is where a safesound personal alarm disrupts their plans. Once the siren goes off, people in the vicinity will want to see what is going on, to check whether everyone is ok and, most likely, to call the police.

Sometimes, it is enough for a criminal to see the people appearing in the windows to stop the attack.

Students are quite common targets for criminals, especially those living in campuses. Young, hungry for entertainments and without parental supervision students are extremely vulnerable. This problem is normally recognized by educational administrations. So, the Department of Public Safety of Brown University made personal safety alarms free for all students and they are even delivered the mailboxes of first-year students.

Сhildren. The most vulnerable are children, which is why a personal alarm is a must-have for them. The best options are those designed as a bag accessory making them easily accessible. Choose a product with an attractive and creative design of bright colors so that your child enjoys carrying it and always remember where it is.

Girls are also at the top of the attackers’ list and there are two reasons for that. First, they are physically weaker than men, therefore, can be robbed more easily. The most common way is snatching the bag.

So, attach the device to your purse or bag and activate it in case a robber is trying to grab it. Another reason why girls are typically attacked is sexual assault. According to Huffington Post, some 17,700,000 women have been sexually attacked in the USA since 1998, with 13% of them attempting suicide.

Men. Being physically stronger than women does not make men safer. A man can be attacked in a public location and without a gun, he may be unable to defend himself against a group of assailants. However, men may need a personal alarm at home to help them protect their family and property.

Imagine a burglar breaking into the house and expecting to do everything on the quite. Don’t give him such a chance! Its continuing shrill noise would wake up your neighbors and scare off the intruder.

For car drivers, keychain alarms that are carried in the hand are preferable as they are exposed to a risk when getting in or out of their cars.

Elderly people can be in danger indoors and outdoors. Falls, heart attacks and other emergencies can happen to them. The National Council on Aging has revealed that one in four Americans age 65 and over fall each year, with 60% of the falls occurring at home. Often such accidents happen in the bathroom, therefore, the product should better be waterproof. Researchers from the University of South Australia claim that “personal alarms are proposed as a reliable mechanism for older people to obtain assistance after falling”.

Joggers and travellers. For those who enjoy jogging and hiking safesound personal alarms will help to deal with another threat — aggressive animals. In the wild, you may encounter animals like bears and the shrill sound will ward off the beast. When jogging, you are likely to attract dogs that would instinctively chase anyone running.

Ramsey Student Center suggests investing in a personal alarm system especially if a person hikes alone. The risk of being lost is greater in this case, while a loud sound will let people know that someone is in trouble.

15 Best Personal Alarm Reviews

We have prepared personal alarm reviews grouped depending on the purpose they should be used. For car drivers, the device should be held on the keychain, whereas for women, it is important that the device is stylish and does not look like an alarm. Children should be equipped with lightweight stuff resembling toys, while for joggers, convenience is crucial as they run without unnecessary accessories. For elderly people, they should not be very loud, otherwise, their ears might be hurt. As for hikers, waterproof devices is the best option. Now, let’s have a look at it in details.

1. Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm for Car Drivers

This device emits a shrill noise since 130 dB is extremely loud. It is activated and silenced by the button and will be convenient to keep on the keychain. For this purpose, there is a special clip allowing for attaching the item to the bag or anywhere else. So, this item will always be at hand when you are in the car, get in or out of it.

Vigilant is a good option for emergencies thanks to the backup whistle. It will turn into your life-line in case of the battery runs out. The product has 4.3 out of 5 stars rating.

One of the customers, a car driver, has confirmed the product’s usefulness and effectiveness. “It emits a loud screeching sound that will definitely grab people’s attention. I conveniently carry it on my keychain. I always hold it when going from and to my car,” he said.
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Personal alarms for women

For women, choose products that are designed to be easily attached to a bag, which are typical targets of thefts. They should be quickly activated to frighten off an attacker in a dark alley or any other solitary place.

2. 3 Pack ANRUI 120 dB SOS Emergency Personal Alarm

Very stylish stuff. The woman will enjoy carrying it on the purse and, on the other hand, it does not look like an alarm, so the owner of this product will surely take an assailant by surprise when activated. It emits the 120 dB sound, which is good but below the level where ear pain begins.

To activate the device, just pull the pin, so it will be particularly useful in case of a bag-steal. Also, being 2.7 inches in length, the device is portable and convenient. Its power-saving features are essential in an emergency situation. The product has 4.3 out of 5 stars rating. As customers note, the pull-pin is secure and cannot be accidentally activated. “My daughter has hers attached to the outside of her purse and, in several months,” one of them commented.

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3. 3-Pack Self-Defense Security Alarms with LED Light, 140DB

This option has a number of advantages. Being available in three bright colors, it will suit any item of a woman’s wardrobe. Then, the device has an extremely powerful sound — 140dB — which turns this tiny stuff into a reliable protection against criminals. Another strong point is a built-in mini flashlight, which will be useful at night.

Activate the device by pulling the ripcord, which will produce a very loud sound heard by people in a far distance. The item is solid and, at the same time, made of eco-friendly material. It is resistant to precipitation and high temperature. The product has a rating 4.6 out of 5 stars rating. Perhaps this is the best bet for women.

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4. SOS Personal Safety Alarm, 125 dB

This item is more expensive but does it worth it? It emits 125dB sound, which is less loud than that of the previous product and yet can cause ear pain to humans. The product’s advantage lies in the design resembling a silver chain, so a woman can hang it whenever she likes and it will look great! At the same time, the device will not catch attention and hardly anyone will believe that this nice heart-shaped thing is a personal safety alarm.

To activate or turn off, press the button. Thanks to the double turn-on design, it will not be activated by accident. A woman will have to turn on the left side button before pull off the plastic tab. However, this feature may take precious time in an emergency situation where quickness is so needed. Still, the customers like it, awarding the product with 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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Personal alarms for children

It is very important that your kid likes the device and carry it everywhere. That is why it must be attractive to children and convenient for using. Remember that they are inclined to lose things, so the device must be secured attached to their rucksack or clothing.

A shrill sound will scare off child molesters and draw people’s attention in case the child is lost. We wish that your child will never need to activate the device. But even then it will not be waste of money — another nice accessory is what your beloved will certainly like!

5. VindiTech Safesound Personal Alarm System, 130 db

This product emits a 130 dB sound, which is loud enough to draw attention to your child within 1000 ft, without hurting his or her ears with extremely loud noise. In case your child is lost in a park or mall, the device will be helpful as well. To activate, pull out the cord. It is easy and can be done by any child.

It may happen that the child is lost at night or occasionally wandered in a dark place. VindiTech will be useful as well. A built-in flashlight will help your beloved to find their way out.

A nice design with a smiling image is one more benefit of this multi-functional product, which is inexpensive.

Small children typically don’t have their own smartphones, nor do they carry torches with them. Therefore, this extra option will be of great help in the situation your child needs an artificial source of light.

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6. Ladybug-Shaped Siren Voice Self-Defense, 130dB

This product emits 130dB as well and has a flashlight, which is so strong that your child can frighten off an attacker by directing the torch at his or her eyes. To activate, pull the pin out from the end. To stop the sound, place the pin back into the device.

The item has a funny design and is shaped like a ladybug. It is easily attached to the belt or backpack and looks like an ordinary keyring, making an attacker unaware of the device’s capability. The product has gained 4.1 out of 5 stars rating.

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7. SOS Kits Keychain Personal Alarm, 130db

Another 130dB device is made in the shape of an amusing chick. This lovely toy will surely touch your child’s feelings. It has an advantage of a having a combined method to activate the device — either by pressing the button or by pulling the pin, depending on your preferences.

Apart from the LED lights, it has standalone apps that can be downloaded and installed. This feature allows for sending the person’s position to up to five people asking for help. The product  has 4.3 out of 5 stars rating. “I didn’t try using the smart app but overall I like how it works and it’s pretty cute,” one of the customers wrote.

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8. Bear Gentleman Personal Alarm Safety, 130dB

This mini teddy bear is actually a very powerful friend of your child. When activated by the pulled bolt, it emits 130dB sound. Unlike conventional teddy bears, this one is very small — 6.3 inches. So, attached to the belt or backpack, it can be easily carried anywhere and will look just like a toy.

The product has a rating 3.7 out of 5 stars, which is the lowest rating in our personal alarm reviews. What don’t customers like in the item? Some of them say that the problem is with the inability to change the battery, while others say that this is about the product not being so loud. “Nowhere near a jackhammer or power drill,” one customer noted, adding that the sound rather resembles a baby cry.

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Personal alarms for joggers

The main criterion here is convenience since joggers normally don’t take additional accessories with them. So the best position for a device in this case is being attached to the clothes or put on the hand. It will be helpful in case a criminal attacks the jogger. Also, the jogger may need medical help after having a trauma when running.

9. SABRE Runner Personal Alarm, 130dB

This item covers an area of up to 1,000 feet away, frightening off an attacker or dog. A convenient nylon strap holding the product allows carrying the device when you have nothing to attach it to. The strap is not itchy and the product is weather-resistant, so feel free to take it with you even in rain.

Due to the reflective material it is made of, you will be noticed by people even in the dark. The drawback is the item’s size, which is 8 inches in length. Activate it by pulling the metal ring. The product has 3.8 out of 5 stars rating. “The band is perfect sized for my wrist, but because of the “tan line” it leaves, I prefer to loop it around my fanny pack when I’m doing my daily walk,” one of the customers says.

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10. Vigilant Hand-Free Personal Alarm, 130dB

If you prefer jogging with the personal alarm on your wrist, chose this 130db device. The product comes with a small nylon wrist band, so it will look like a watch while keeping the hands free. Moreover, the unit can be easily concealed under the sleeve. Activate the device by pressing the button.

The product rates 3.6 out of 5 stars on rating. The product’s weak point is that it is not waterproof. However, customers have revealed some other shortcomings. For some of them, the strap barely fits the wrist and, therefore, hurts. Also, the button is too small for a quick reaction in the emergency situation.

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11. Belt with Personal Alarm for Runners

This multi-functional option allows for carrying a personal alarm as well as storing smartphone and keys — actually it is everything that is needed when you are out jogging. The item has an advantage of having a range of waistline sizes so that you can choose the one that fits you. The downside is the sound volume, which amounts to 120dB and, therefore, is less loud than the previous products. To activate, press the button.

It rates 4.9 out of 5 stars on rating. The users say it is perfect for jogging and can hold not just a smartphone but even a wallet and snack. “It is very well made, high quality — no doubt, so I’m sure it’ll last for years,” the customer notes.

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Personal alarms for elderly people

The primary purpose for elderly people to carry personal alarms is to ensure a timely medical help in case of the fall, heart attack etc. To this end, the elderly people have to attract attention of passers-by and show they are in trouble. This is where these products come in handy.

12. Vigilant Personal Alarm, 130dB

This 130dB device is loud enough to draw people’s attention. The strong point of the product is the sound duration, which lasts up to an hour. So, in case of the fall, your beloved will not remain unnoticed. The device operates on AAA batteries that can be replaced easily, since normally they can be found in most households.

Activate it by pulling the wrist strap with an attached pin. Another useful feature is a mini LED flashlight allowing for the illumination in the darkness. The item can be purchased on rating, where it rates 4.4 out of 5 stars. Some customers point out that the cord is not long enough to wear around the neck and is apparently sized for the wrist.

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13. CallToU Wireless Caregiver

If you think that a loud sound would cause some extra pain to your elderly family member, then opt for a pager with a two-call button. So, a sick person will not have to yell when in trouble while being able to notify that he or she needs help. To activate, just push the button.

What is important, the transmitter is waterproof and can be installed in the bathroom where most falls occur. With over 50 ringtones, it covers an area of up to 500 feet. The sound volume can be adjusted from 0db to 110db. The transmitter can be carried in the pockets or be hung on the neck with a neck strap coming with the product. To get the notification, you should have the receiver plugged into a socket. The product rates 3.4 out of 5 stars on rating.

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14. Secure MAG-5 Magnet Patient Alarm

This item is designed to detect a fall risk, whether it occurs in the wheelchair or bathroom. To activate just pull the cord. It has a dual tone from 85 to 95 dB. It is below the ear pain level while being loud enough to attract attention. LED indicator showing when the battery is running out is helpful as you will know that the device would always work when it is needed.

Another benefit is an attachment strap included in the pack. The product has received 3.9 out of 5 stars on rating. “I would use the alarm pad in the chair. It’s not quite as loud. Then I use in bed also,” one of the customers said.

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15. BASU Personal Alarm for Hiking

First and foremost, personal alarms for hiking must be waterproof. Otherwise, they will turn useless. This one operates at temperatures from 14°F to 104°F. It has a rugged rubber water-resistant shield allowing to use the device outdoors under any weather conditions.

The producer claims that this is the world’s smallest SOS alarm, which is 3.4 inches in length. Despite its size, the device is extremely loud, producing a 130 dB sound lasting for half and hour. To activate, pull the pin and return it to the device when you want it turn off. A metal carabiner allowing to attach the item anywhere you like comes with the product. The item with the rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars in customer reviews

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Comparative Chart Of The Best Personal Alarms

Vigilant Alarm for Car Drivers
130dB, press the button
3 Pack ANRUI SOS Emergency Alarm
120dB, pull the pin
3-Pack Emergency Self-Defense
Security Alarms with LED Light

140dB, pull the cord
SOS Safety Alarm
125dB, press the button
VindiTech Safesound Personal Alarm System
130dB, pull the cord
Ladybug-Shaped Siren Voice Self-Defense
130dB, pull the cord
SOS Kits Keychain Alarm
130dB, pull the pin
or press the button
Bear Gentleman Alarm Safety
130dB, pull the bolt
SABRE Runner Alarm
130dB, pull the ring
Vigilant Hand-Free Personal Alarm
130dB, press the button
Belt with Personal Alarm for Runners
120dB, press the button
Vigilant Alarm for elderly people
130dB, pull the wrist strap
CallToU Wireless Caregiver
110db, press the button
Secure MAG-5 Magnet Patient Alarm
95dB, pull the cord
BASU Alarm for Hiking
130dB, pull the pin

Personal Alarm F.A.Q

Q: What makes the product effective?

A: First of all, pay attention to the sound volume expressed in decibels. The louder it is, the more likely that an attacker will get away. Then, the product should be sturdy. Battery indicator also increases the effectiveness so that the device does not fail when it is needed.

Q: Why having a built-in flashlight is that important?

A: Flashlight performs the two-fold task: frightens the attacker when the torch is directed into his eyes and serves as a source of light at night. The latter is crucial in a situation when the person is lost. So, combining alarm and flashlight feature, the person increases his or her chances.

Q: How do I wear my personal alarm?

A: It depends on the product but generally they are attached to an item of clothes, such as the belt, or to a bag. Some models are meant to be carried in the hand.

Q: Can I recharge the device?

A: Since this is a handheld device, it operates on batteries. In most models, the batteries can be replaced with new ones but they are not rechargeable.

Q: Does a personal alarm make me absolutely safe?

A: No, it should not create a so-called false feeling of safety. The device reduces the risk but does not eliminates it. That is why you and your children must always take all recommended protective measures when going out at night or in a solitary place.

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