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Best Cooling Blankets

Cooling blankets are actually capable of enhancing the sleeping sensation while keeping the beds cool and as soon as the summer starts people start looking for cool blankets for their beds. So, we thought that it is a good time now to help you choose the best cooling blanket for yourself.

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No matter how hot the weather is, we all prefer sleeping tucked in a blanket. Although it makes us feel comfortable but in summers it can be an actual problem. However, there are some cooling blankets that can solve the problem for you by dealing with the heat challenges. But with so many products available in the market, which is the best cooling blanket to get? It is important that the product is made up of natural fibers and is equipped with advanced cooling technologies. Following are some of the blankets from which you can choose one for yourself.

Outlast Woven Temperature Regulating Blanket:

Outlast Woven Temperature Regulating Blanket is a cooling blanket made up of 100 percent cotton. This is a special cooling blanket that was first developed for the NASA scientists and later it became available for public as well. It has the technology of micro capsules called Thernocules that absorbs, stores and releases the heat that helps you to sleep at an optimal temperature. There are four different colors and sizes available in this blanket and you can pick one that best matches your rooms aesthetics and need.

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The original gravity blanket:

Next in our list is a blanket that uses the deep touch pressure stimulation to keep you cool while improving your quality of sleep and relaxation. It is the super soft microfiber material that keeps the body cool and calm throughout the night. The blanket is very light in weight and it is best suited for one person. However, some of the users have reviewed that the blanket has unevenly spread beads that shifts to a place when the blanket is moved. Thankfully, we have some other products as well to choose from.

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YnM Cooling weighted blanket:

This is a 100 percent natural bamboo cooling blanket that is made up of a silky smooth 300 thread count bamboo filled with glass beads and polyfill. It is durable and breathable and the beads of the blanket stay at one place no matter how you use it. There are 14 different sizes and 10 different colors available in this blanket which means you don’t have to worry about the perfect match for your body.

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Bed Jet Air Comforter:

This is a blanket for two and has been specifically designed to evenly distribute the coolness throughout the entire space. The blanket contains cotton fibers and is equipped with smart technology that enhances the overall coolness. However, it is a little expensive and if you are looking for a blanket for your personal use then this is not the one that can be used as a standalone unit.

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