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Best Cooling Pillows

A good night sleep depends on many factors and pillows play a very important role in that, We know how warm blooded individuals feel when they have to wake up in the middle of the night just because it has become all too hot. Kicking the covers off the pillows is not going to be enough to keep you and your pillow cool while sleeping. Although the type of mattress has a big role to play in all of this, but it is the pillows that can actually make or break a good night sleep.

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So if you are among the hot blooded sleepers who wake up in the summer mornings to a damp pillow than you are at the right place as we are here to help you. In this article, we will list some of the best cooling pillows that you can have for your self and can have a restful and cool sleep that you deserve. They come in a variety of models, made up of different materials, covers and design and it that’s why it can be tricky to get the one that best suits our choice.

Nest Bedding – Easy breather:

The first pillow in our list is Nest Bedding – Easy breather and this breathable pillow is soft that it feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. However, it is compressible enough to provide support to the back. It does not contain any offensive off-gassing odors and provides you with a complete balance between support and comfort. The pillow is made up of synthetic foam which is covered with a combination of polyester and plant-derived lyocell.

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Sleep Restoration – 1800 Series Gel:

Next in our list is a pillow for those who are looking for a pillow on a budget, This is a gel pillow contains liquid that creates an evaporative effect. This evaporative effect promotes air circulation that makes it a breathable and cool pillow to sleep with. This comfortable and affordable pillow is best for a large range of sleepers with different sleep preferences. The cover of the pillow is removable that means you can simply take it off and can wash it in your washing machine.

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Xtreme Comfort Slim:

This is basically a pillow for warm blooded sleepers who prefers sleeping on their stomach. The shredded foam in the pillow provides sleepers with a softer and fluffy feeling while the cover of the pillow is made up of bamboo. Bamboo covers are softer than cotton and known for excellent airflow which means no more sweaty head and face.

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PharMeDoc is a reversible pillow with cooling gel and it best suits the people who are looking to maintain the correct alignment of the spine. The cooling gel that this pillow contains is a thermoregulating gel that diffuses the heat and offers a cooler sleeping surface in return. Furthermore, it has a removable hypoallergenic pillow cover that can be removed easily and quickly for cleaning.

These are some of the pillows that we suggest for the warm blooded sleepers. Let us know what you think is the best of all.

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